Our Music!

You’ve found our music creations! For now, they’re all linked to SoundCloud, and if you click on the heart picture, it will take you to SoundCloud directly.

If you have a SoundCloud account, you can find our music there as well, under “BoRuza Music”, and if you follow us, we’ll follow you!

If you’re a recording artist looking for new material, and are interested in any of our work, drop us a line and we can send you lyrics to our songs.


This page includes the following songs:


Weo Aliens
Nothing Is Wrong
Only Human
Test Your Faith
Turn Around
All Alone
!! NEW !!
Throwing Stones


“Weo Aliens” … We are the “aliens” … and no-one is responsible for the mess we have our selves in except for us! :

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“Environment” … A call to action. We can get things done if we make an effort. This song started out as a punk tune, but we decided to soften it:

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“Drive” … Ah, the perils of drinking and driving. Don’t do it. Ever.

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“Nothing Is Wrong” … Not all relationships are perfect, but some come pretty damn close:

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“Only Human” … Boy dreams about meeting the love of his life; Girl dreams about meeting the love of hers. This song has a happy ending:

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“Mila” … “she’s so smooth … she’s so sleek” … This song was inspired by our “ninja” cat, Mila. She’s a sweet, graceful, huntress!

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“Test Your Faith” …. or simply “Faith” … we all need to test our faith once in awhile, and question what we believe in:

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“Destiny” .. a simple love song.

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“Turn Around” … Those ups and downs … they can get us feeling pretty awful sometimes, and we can either wallow in our “bad luck” or do something about it :

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“All Alone”… Love found, Love lost … and hopefully found once again (soon!) :

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“Throwing Stones” … Regrets. We all have them some time during our life, and eventually it’s time to let them go.

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  1. I love David Byrne’s music and for some reason, your music makes me think of some of his music. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to hearing the mastered versions!


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