Hi, and welcome to BoRuza Music!

We’re a couple of songwriters/composers (currently living in the Edmonton, Alberta, area) with a passion for music. At this point in our lives, we’re not about performing our music live (in public) — instead, our goal is to help other artists/musicians when they are experiencing creative blocks.

Let’s face it, even the greatest musicians experience blocks in their creative flow from time to time, and we’re hoping that we can be the ones to provide songs to get things going again!

Simply put, we want to write the songs that YOU will want to record.

Our genre is a mix of earthy pop, rock, and country. Our music is unique in that some of the songs can be applied across a number of different genres – all it takes is a little skill, some creativity and of course imagination!

All of our music offerings are raw with no editing, and some are even first cuts. They are recorded live, at home using a ZoomH6 recorder and no tracks have been mastered We both take turns with the vocals and keyboard (M1), G plays the guitar and R takes care of all the percussion (yes, drums too!).

Our music is offered to you in a fairly simple format, and many of our songs are in what we call a “skeleton” stage which means you have (if you choose) lots of room to build on them.

We welcome questions, inquiries, and feedback!

Just a friendly reminder that all of our work is copy-written and you must go through the proper channels (and us!) if you want to use any of it. No exceptions.

Yours in Music,

G & R



*** Active Members of SOCAN ***